Appointment Policy

Appointment Policy

An appointment in our schedule is a bond of trust that we will be here to serve you and you will be present for treatment. We strive to create a schedule that most efficiently provides for the dental needs of all of the patients we serve.

Please arrive on-time to your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals cause schedule delays for those patients who arrive promptly at their appointment time. If you are going to be late, we ask that you please notify us. If you are significantly delayed, your scheduled treatment may be modified or you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

We respect our patients’ time and make every effort to remain on schedule. Some visits are more complicated than initially anticipated, and emergencies may arise that could delay us. If we are significantly delayed, every effort will be made to notify you beforehand so you may choose to come later or reschedule.

Emergencies and unforeseen patient treatment problems may arise, causing schedule changes. Emergencies are unexpected and seem to come at the most inconvenient times. If you have a dental emergency that needs immediate attention, we will always offer to see you at once. We expect that other patients who might be slightly inconvenienced by this will be understanding of the situation. At some point, they may need the same courtesy too!

Cancellation Policy

We understand that emergencies do occur from time to time and you may need to reschedule your appointment. With that understanding, we ask that you make every effort to give us at least 24 hours (full business day) notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. All appointments canceled within 24 hours of the appointment or no shows will be considered broken appointments and subjected to charge of $25 per 30 min of scheduled time.

We value your trust in us to take care of your oral health, so we make every effort to ensure your appointment time is reserved to you alone. When patients do not show for their appointments or do not give us adequate cancellation notice, we are not given the opportunity to reschedule that time with another patient who needs their treatment done. So thank you for understanding the value of our cancellation policy to each of our patients.


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