Case 2 – Veneers

Veneer 1-1  A1.

Space between #7 and #8 due to size of #7.

Veneer 1-2  A2.

Space between #9 and #10 due to size of #10.

2013-11-25 17.13.03  B.

Mock up for the case.

Veneer 1-3  C.

After the prep.

veneer 1-4  D.

Final Result.

Porcelain Veneers

Concerns: After his orthodontic treatment, this 17 year old patient was referred back to Dr. Chiu due to his small side front teeth (peg laterals) resulting the spaces between them and the central front teeth.

Treatment: Veneers were proposed to make the two side teeth (#7 and #10) appear natural and close the spaces (main concern of the patient and his parents).


A1. Space (diastema) can be seen between #7 and #8 (to its right in the photo)

A2. #10 has very narrow shape which lead to a more significant space next to #9 (to its left in the photo)

B. Dr. Chiu made a mock up of what the teeth will look like with the veneers since the patient and parents did not know what to expect.

C. #7 and #10 after the prep.

D. Final restoration.