Case 3 – Ceramic Crown



Patient broke his side front tooth and injured the center front tooth.


X-ray showed no root fracture on either tooth.


#8 shows "internal bleeding" after 1 month.


#7 and #8 received root canal treatment.


#7 was prepared for final crown.


#7 final ceramic crown.

Anterior Porcelain Crown

Concerns: Patient fractured his side front tooth (#7) and injured his center tooth (#8) while playing basketball. He was referred to us by his periodontist, Dr. John Shen, for restorative part of the treatment.

Treatment: Full coverage porcelain crown (E-max) on #7 after root canal and post placement by the endodontist, Dr. Jaewoong Choi. Patient does not want to have permanent treatment done on #8 at this point.


A1. #7 (lateral incisor) was fractured above the gum line without root fracture noted and displacement of the tooth.

A2. #8 (central incisor) was traumatized but did not show pathology during initial evaluation.

B. Initial x-ray does not show root fracture on either injured tooth.

C. #8 showed slight discoloration and bleeding inside the pulp chamber (the darkness in the center of the tooth while shining light on it); patient was informed that #8 will need root canal and crown as well.

D. X-ray of both teeth after root canal treatment by Dr. Jaewoong Choi.

E. Post (the whiter part) was placed by the endodontist immediately after the root canal treatment; the tooth was prepared for full coverage crown.

F. Final crown was placed for #7; discoloration of #8 was visible so we tried to match #7 with the other teeth.