Case 1 – Porcelain Crowns

Crown 1-3  A.

After the original crown was removed and teeth were prepped.

Crown 1-2  B1.

 Crown 1 - 1  B2.

First try-in.

2013-11-18 13.54.14 C.

Final result.


Porcelain Crowns

Concern: This patient had root canal and crowns done on her middle and side front teeth on her right side (#7 and #8) more than 10 years ago.  The teeth have since changed color and the gum has since receded, so she is not happy with the metal part of the crown and the teeth color underneath showing.

Treatment: Dr. Chiu offered to replace them with all porcelain crowns.


A. Unfortunately, we did not take a pre-op photo but you can see the darkness of the tooth underneath the crown in this photo.

B1. Patient was satisfied with the middle crown (#8) but concerned about the shape of the crown to her right(#7).  

B2. Her gum tissue had receded due to irritation for the old crowns, so there is a space (black triangle) between the two teeth we will need to cover as well.  We decided to send the case back and try with different shape and color.

C. We were able to get the color and shape to patient's satisfaction in the second try.